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Line Contouring Serum

What is Kabelline?

Contouring Serum to moderate unwanted fat on the face and body

  • Effectively breaks down adipocyte cells.
  • Can be applied to every part of the face and body that has fat 
  • Effective for specific area which is difficult to remove by exercise

What is the main composition of Kabelline?

  • Deoxycholic acid is US FDA approved fat dissolving material.
  • In the human body, deoxycholic acid is used in the emulsification of fats for the absorption in the intestine.

How Kabelline Works?

Lipolysis by Deoxycholic Acid 

Induce the destruction of normal Fat cells and effectively breaks down Fat cells

Double Effects for Lipolysis and Lipogenesis

Inhibits Lipogenesis

Unwanted fat cells are naturally Biodegraded and emitted through Lymphatic duct or macrophage

Treatment Recommendation

  • Recommended 2ml of solution for face, 4-8ml of solution for Body
  • Maximum Dosage is up to 16ml per session
  • Recommended 3-6 sessions in total at 1 week interval

Before & After


8ml * 5vials/box